List of Proposed Talks
July 11, 2003


Ghys, Etienne (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon) The group of area preserving diffeomorphisms of a surface
Honda, Ko (University of Southern California) 3-dimensional methods in contact geometry


Adachi, Jiro (Osaka University) Global stability of distributions of higher corank
Alvarez Lopez, Jesus A. (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela) Generalized Gromov spaces
Arrauti, Jose-Luis, (Universidade de Sao Paulo) Structural Stability of Singular Actions of R^n having a first integral
Asaoka, Masayuki (Kyoto University) Invariants of projectively Anosov flows on three dimensional manifolds
Asuke, Taro (Kyoto University) Residues of the Bott class
Badura, Marek (Universytetu Lodzkiego) Realizations of growth types.
Bis', Andrzej (University of Lodz) Modelling minimal foliated spaces with positive entropy (joint work with H. Nakayama and P.Walczak)
Blachowska, Dorota, (University of Lodz) A modulus and an extremal form of a foliation
Bolotov, Dmitry (Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics) Four dimensional hyperfoliations of nonnegative curvature
Calaza, Manuel (Univ. de Santiago de Compostela) Morse inequalities for orbit spaces. A Witten approach.
Camara, Leonardo M. (Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo) Invariants of Analytic Differential Equations in (C^2,0)
Candel, Alberto (California State University at Northridge) Generic aspects of the geometry of leaves of foliations (with Jesus A. Alvarez Lopez)
Colman, Hellen E. (University of Illinois at Chicago) Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of Riemannian foliations
Czarnecki, Maciej, (Uniwersytet Lodzki), Some properties of Hadamard foliations
Deroin, Bertrand (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon) Levi-flat hypersurfaces in complex surfaces of positive curvature
Dupont, Johan L., (Aarhus University) Gerbes, simplicial forms and invariants for families of foliated bundles.
Eliashberg, Yakov (Stanford University) Non-squeezing problems in contact topology
El Kacimi, Aziz (Universite de Valenciennes) On deformations of transversely homogeneous foliations
Fenley, Sergio (Florida State University) 3-manifolds, laminations and group actions
Fukaya, Kenji (Kyoto University) Holomorphic Hilbert bundles on complex tori via homological Mirror symmetry
Fukui, Kazuhiko (Kyoto Sangyo University) Commutators of Lipschitz homeomorphisms
Gabai, David (Princeton University) D^2 Limit Laminations in 3-Manifolds
Gendron, Timothy M. (U.N.A.M.(Cuernavaca)) The fundamental germ: A notion of $\pi_{1}$ for laminations
Guillot, Adolfo (U.N.A.M.(Cuernavaca)) Holomorphic flows tangent to the identity
Hayashi Shuhei (University of Tokyo) Weak hyperbolicity of higher dimensional C^1 diffeomorphisms and homoclinic tangencies
Hurder, Steven (University of Illinois at Chicago) Homotopy invariants of foliations
Inaba, Takashi (Chiba University) Rigidity of submanifolds tangent to non-integrable plane fields
Ito, Toshikazu (Ryukoku University) A Poincare-Hopf type theorem for holomorphic 1-forms and its applications (joint work with B. Scardua)
Jung, Seoung Dal, (Cheju National University),  The eigenvalues of the basic Dirac operator on a Kahler foliation
Kamber, Franz W. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Fourier-Mukai transforms and foliations 
Kanai, Masahiko (Nagoya University) Vanishing theorems in differential geometry and rigidity of dynamical systems
Katok, Anatole (Pennsylvania State University) Rigidity of homogeneous foliations in locally symmetric spaces of semisimple Lie groups
Kim, Hyunsuk (Ulsan University) On transversally holomophic foliations 
Kim, Jeong-Rae (Seoul National University) Projective structures on knot complements
Kotschick, Dieter, (LMU Munchen), Kunneth structures and Lagrangian foliations
Langevin, Remi N. (Universite de Bourgogne) Dupin foliations
Matsuda, Hiroshi (University of Tokyo) A characterization of braid foliations on genus one Seifert surfaces
Matsumoto, Shigenori (Nihon University) Dynamical systems without minimal sets
Matveev, Vladimir S. (University of Freiburg ) Geodesic rigidity
Minakawa, Hiroyuki (Yamagata University) Examples of pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms with small dilatations
Mitsumatsu, Yoshihiko (Chuo University) On the self-intersection of compact leaves in 2-dimensional foliations on 4-manifolds
Miyoshi, Shigeaki (Chuo University) Some remarks on the Euler class of a spinnnable foliation
Mizutani, Tadayoshi (Saitama University) Some properties of plane fields defined by 2-vector fields
Morita, Shigeyuki (University of Tokyo) Characteristic classes of smooth bundles and foliated smooth bundles
Moriyoshi, Hitoshi (Keio University) A twisted \Gamma-index theorem
Mozgawa, Witold (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University) Isoptics of curves and Cauchy-Crofton formulas
Nakai, Isao (Ochanomizu University) Web geometry of solutions of first order ODEs
Nakayama, Hiromichi (Hiroshima University) Locally connected exceptional minimal sets of surface homeomorphisms and diffeomorphisms
Nam, Kwanhui, (School of Mathematical Sciences Seoul National University),  Affine manifolds with diagonal holonomy, 
Narmanov, Abdigappar Yakubovich (National University of Uzbekistan) On the class of submersion
Noda, Takeo (University of Tokyo) A Birkhoff section for the Bonatti-Langevin example of Anosov flow
Oh, Yong-Geun (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Deformation of coisotropic submanifolds and geometry of null foliations
Oikonomides, Catherine, (Keio University), The K-theory of foliations of $T^3$ classified by Moussu and Roussarie.
Pak, Hong Kyung, (Daegu Haany University) Transversal harmonic theory for transversal symplectic flows
Rebelo, Julio C (PUC-Rio & SUNY at Stony Brook) Dynamics of meromorphic vector fields and complex surfaces
Rybicki, Tomasz (AGH University of Science and Technology) A cartesian closed category of foliated manifolds
Schweitzer, S.J., Paul A. (PUC-Rio de Janeiro) Homological vanishing cycles and existence of Reeb components for codimension one foliations (joint with F. Alcalde e G. Hector)
Sergiescu, Vlad (Institut Fourier) An extension of the Burau representation via Thompson's group
Tarquini, Cedric (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon) Conformal foliations and a foliated version of the Ferrand Obata theorem.
Tsuboi, Takashi (University of Tokyo) Group of contactomorphisms and transversely contact foliations
Tsuchiya, Nobuo (Toin University of Yokohama) Codimension one locally free actions of step one solvable Lie groups (with Aiko Yamakawa)
Verjovsky, Alberto, (Instituto de Matematicas (Cuernavaca) -- U.N.A.M.), Space of deformations of a smooth and Levi-flat integrable CR-srtucture on the 5-sphere
Vogt, Elmar (Berlin Free University) Classifying spaces of groupoids and tangential Lusternik-Shnirelman Category
Walczak, Pawel (Universytetu Lodzkiego) Local conformal invariants for foliations
Wood, John W (University of Illinois at Chicago) Complex structure on Kahler manifolds homotopy equivalent to complex projective space
Yagasaki, Tatsuhiko (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Homeomorphism groups and Embedding spaces in 2-manifolds
Yokumoto, Ken (Hokkaido University) Totally geodesic foliations of Lorentzian manifolds
Zeghib, Abdelghani (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon) Dynamics on the space of harmonic functions and the foliated Liouville problem